Pharma #004 - The most effective way to teach healthcare professionals.

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E-learning has become the most effective way to teach healthcare professionals in a cost-effective manner. It allows for the interaction of a representative with healthcare professionals to ensure that they are able to understand the concepts in the most effective fashion in a short period of time.

The most effective approach to e-learnings in Healthcare

E-learning has become the most effective way to teach healthcare professionals in a cost-effective manner. It allows for the interaction of a representative with healthcare professionals to ensure that they are able to understand the concepts in the most effective fashion in a short period of time.

Many e-learning providers are able to provide a platform that allows for the easy creation and delivery of online courses, but Pharma360 takes it a step further.

Our dedication for healthcare industries

Many healthcare organizations are looking for the right product fit to reach their audience, but not all know how to get there. You need to understand the difference between a product that fits the market and one that doesn't.

Pharma360 has been developing and delivering e-learning and training solutions for healthcare professionals for more than 15 years. We’ve worked with healthcare organizations and professionals from all over the world to develop engaging and easy-to-use training tools that keep learners engaged, and we’ve worked with countless organizations to develop solutions that support their learning needs.

Our company is backed by a team of software engineers, designers, and marketing experts. These individuals all bring their expertise to the Pharma360 platform, where they work in conjunction with healthcare professionals and healthcare organizations to create e-learnings that are engaging and meaningful.

With our experience in the healthcare industry we know exactly what works and what doesn't. We offer a full range of digital solutions, including personalized, online learning environments, accredited e-learning courses, and online training programs that are developed in collaboration with industry experts.

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Concerns about e-learnings for healthcare professionals

There is still a gap in the market as far as e-learning is concerned for healthcare professionals. The problem is that many companies are not willing to invest in e-learning solutions for healthcare professionals. This is mainly because they are skeptical about the results, and they do not have a tracking solution to measure the effectiveness and personalization of the e-learnings.

Although healthcare professionals are highly educated in their field, the lack of desire or attention span has been known to get in the way of being as effective as possible. To resolve this issue, we have developed a team of professionals who are concentrating on building upon the attention span of healthcare professionals and have begun producing e-learnings that are specifically tailored to them.

This may seem like a reasonable concern, but in fact, when it comes to an investment in e-learning, tracking can be used to measure the effectiveness and personalization of the e-learning.

Personalized and easy e-learning creation for healthcare

Our e-learning creation tool allows for the easy creation of courses and modules by your staff/colleagues with or without a technical background. It also allows for easy tracking of healthcare professional's progress, and can help provide a more personal delivery of e-learning.

Extend and create your e-learnings with courses, quizzes, discussion topics, downloads, and more, for your own private ecosystem for healthcare professionals in need of personalized content to improve in their field of expertise.

All e-learnings are available through a web-based, user-friendly interface for the healthcare professionals for them to use anywhere and on any device they want.

Quizes and Polls

Many healthcare organizations are looking to integrate gamification to encourage their healthcare professional engagement. A gamified environment may increase motivation and improve the user experience. Gamification is not a new concept, but it's a hot topic now as more and more healthcare organizations seek to get more engagement out of their healthcare professionals. One of the benefits of gamification is that it can be used to encourage healthcare professionals to learn new skills and engage in activities that they might not otherwise choose.

Frequently asked questions

Pharma360 works with a lot of different audiences for our e-learning content, from healthcare professionals to healthcare providers and patients. In most cases, we are dealing with a lot of different questions. We have found that the best way to handle these is to create a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page, where we explain the most common questions, as well as any answers or other information that may be relevant. When you explain a question, you never copy/paste the question into the answer. Instead, you only use the question to set the tone for the answer, and then you write the answer as if the reader has never heard the question before. We believe that this strategy helps the healthcare professionals because it minimizes the number of times they have to re-read the answer and makes them able to solve the problem that may arise by themselves, saving you a lot of support tickets.

Content personalization

The act of customizing content to the needs of an individual. This can involve tailoring content to an individual's learning style, personal preferences, existing knowledge, profession/specialism, previous downloads/visits, and even location. Content personalization in the medical field is often applied to e-learning, which can vary in its scope from a few small pieces of content to an entire online e-learning course.

Analytics and tracking

The use of analytics and tracking is an emerging trend. Analytics and tracking helps you to measure your efforts and determine what is and isn't working. With the latest technology advantages, we have access to data that can help healthcare organizations provide better and personalized content to healthcare professionals.

For example, if you have an e-learning on how healthcare professionals can communicate effectively with their patients, you can track how many times it's viewed over time to see if healthcare professionals are finding it useful. Also you can see how long people are spending on each e-learning and how many times they came back to it.

Accreditation and certification

The accreditation providers aim to support professional development and standardize the processes of learning for healthcare professionals. Our accreditation automation service will handle e-learnings automatically with the correct accreditation service providers, all that your colleagues / staff need to do is set up some credentials before-hand to get started.

There are many reasons for wanting to automate your processes with accreditation services, mainly because it can be a cumbersome and time-consuming task for many of your valuable technical and non-technical staff.

Automated e-fulfilment and downloads

In the next article we'll talk more about e-fulfilment, material service and web shops. Using automated e-fulfilment and logistics can be used for healthcare professionals that opt-in to receive physical and/or digital content, items and/or devices for them to use and run their business/organization to provide the best care for their patients located at hospitals or other care facilities.

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