Pharma #002 - How to manage accreditation processes for healthcare professionals?

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Manual accreditation is time consuming, prone to errors and difficult to audit. The demands on healthcare professionals are high: they need to provide safe and high-quality care to a growing number of patients, with less time and resources.

Our accreditation software can help, many leading healthcare and pharmaceutical companies in Europe use our software to automate many of the tasks associated with the accreditation process:

  • Reduce the time spent on manual data entry and data checking
  • Avoid data fragmentation by using a central hub for data exchange
  • Reduce the number of errors and enable more efficient data auditing.
  • Track and monitor all of your attendees to online- and offline events and their progress

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What is Accreditation and Why is it Required

Accreditation is one of the most important ways that the healthcare industry ensures quality. The purpose of accreditation is to provide quality healthcare to the patient, and this is done by showing that the business is well-managed and is focused on patient safety and health.

The healthcare industry is incredibly vast, which makes it difficult for the consumer to know which companies they should trust. By providing this accreditation, hospitals and medical centers can show that they are dedicated to following strict guidelines and procedures.

Accreditation agencies have a lot of say in how healthcare and pharmaceutical organizations function, and the standards they set can be a useful guide for consumers seeking high-quality care. This makes it even more important to ensure that accreditation for a healthcare professional is handled with care and without errors.

A Different Approach for Every Profession and their Associations

If you are to be a healthcare professional, it is important that you know which accreditation program is best for your profession and your needs. This is why we use a unique approach for every accreditation process of healthcare professionals and their associations they are members of.

Like any other field, the associations are competing against each other in order to attract new members to join them. All of these associations have different guidelines, rules and regulations, requiring you to know all of the ins- and outs about these associations.

Our software is adjusted to each unique healthcare professional in question and will use integrations to connect and automate with the corresponding Permanent Education system*.

Once you are set up all you have to do is enter some information about the course or meeting, the professions to be accredited (if applicable) and we'll handle the rest automatically for your organization to handle accreditation for the attending healthcare professionals to your courses and meetings.

There are multiple integrations available in our software to automate these Permanent Education systems that the professional associations use to track their member's progress and achievements using PE-online (human) and CPD-online (veterinary) connection.

* A permanent education digital registration system is a system that records all the learning achievements of a candidate and keeps track of them in a digital form. This system is also used to give certification to candidates who have completed and/or attended a course or meeting.

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