Pharma #001 - How to optimize your onboarding flow for healthcare & pharma?

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Onboarding healthcare professionals is difficult. So how do today's pharmaceuticals streamline this onboarding process to grow your audience without compromising on quality?


The winning team uses verified data from an accessible real-time connection by IQVIA. This allows them to create the most seamless experience for healthcare professionals.

With more than 9.6 million healthcare professionals, 2.4 million email addresses, and 709,000 healthcare organizations, OneKey connects your organization to a single reference data standard and helps you understand customer access, value and potential. (

An effective onboarding flow improves the experience for existing and potential new healthcare professionals and provides a reason to interact and connect with your platform. This makes it increasingly critical to innovate on your existing or new onboarding flow.

What is IQVIA and what do they do?

IQVIA is formerly known as IMS Health Inc. and Quintiles. It is a company that enables healthcare to make use of advanced reference data, capabilities and information.

What is the OneKey reference database?

The OneKey reference database from IQVIA is derived from multiple integrations with providers (trusted industry sources, government sources and more) more information about this can be found on their website ​​

Advantages of using these integrations

●  Quality Data:​ The most comprehensive provider for Healthcare professionals with access to a validated name, title, role, degree, specialty, profession, organization, address and more.
●  Seamless Experience:​ Using the IQVIA integration and Pharma360 platform we're able to create the most seamless experience for your audience and colleagues by making everything easy to use without compromise or interruption.
●  Fast, flexible and powerful:​ No more fragmented data, but real-time and verified datasets to enhance your existing data. We're able to create new fast, flexible and powerful solutions as we go.
●  Exponential Growth:​ More than 9.6 million health care professionals exist in OneKey reference database, with ease you are able to target most of them for healthcare purposes.
●  Advanced Segmentation:​ Advanced Segmentation is available for a wide-range of options such as professions and specialisms, organizations, regions, addresses, and much more to further improve your datasets and its quality.

We're super excited for all the capabilities that IQVIA has to offer with all of the successful projects we rolled out. Does this seem like something your organization would benefit from? Connect with IQVIA and Pharma360 to create a seamless experience across all your online applications, websites and other products.

In Pharma360 we've got built-in and automatic capabilities to offer extra's and perks such as accreditation points, new content to learn from and allow your organization and other healthcare professionals to interact with other healthcare professionals.

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